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Environmental products - ECOSOL


Is a natural absorbent for fast and efficient biodegradation of hydrocarbons from contaminated soils.

Promotes biostimulation and helps existing bacteria growth in the soil with high effect in the degradation of petroleum products.

The product is obtained from vegetable fibers from cellulosic waste, all treated and additivated and is used for recovery of soils contaminated with petroleum products, returning them to normal fertility levels.


  • It is effective due to its high biodegradability, ensuring odors and fire risk reduction;
  • Biodegrades petroleum products, preventing leakage and eliminating the danger of soil and groundwater infestation;
  • It can be used on soils contaminated for a long time, as well as recently contaminated areas;
  • It is applied in contaminated soil by deep plowing;
  • It is a non-toxic, easy to handle product and the polluting agent degradation can be done up to 80% within 60 days, and a complete cleaning in about 90-120 days.


1 Technical sheet [pdf ro]
2 Security sheet [pdf ro]


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