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Environmental products - ECOSORB


It is a natural, biodegradable product, mainly used in oil absorption.

The product is obtained by processing cellulose fibers waste, through a special treatment, followed by additivation that gives instant absorption capacity of petroleum residues, absorbing about 20 to 25 times its weight, maintaining long-term hydrophobic properties and high biodegradability.


  • emergency services in case of accidental pollution at sea, in lakes or rivers;
  • emergency services in the event of accidental leakage of petroleum products in industrial areas such as industrial plants, fuel depots, storage areas for chemicals, refineries, etc;
  • Organic cleaning of loading - unloading ramps and tankers containing petroleum products;
  • filtration and separation of oils and grease from waste water resulted during industrial processes in chemistry, food, medicine etc.


  • It is made ​​from recyclable and biodegradable waste, not from petrochemicals;
  • It is easy to use and the pollutant absorbed is retained in the cellulose fibers without spreading;
  • Completely absorbs oil and hydrocarbons, and because of its strong hydrophobic properties, it floats on water with the pollutant agent;
  • Superior quality compared to similar products, absorbing 20 times its own weight, with a yield of 100% or 25 times its own weight, with a yield of 96%;
  • After first use, you can recover about 70-80% of the oil product by pressing, after which this product can be reused absorbing 12-14 times its own weight;
  • It is biodegradable (compost) or can be burned with a capacity of approx. 15,000 BTU / kg, and the resulting ash being less than 3%.


1 Technical sheet [pdf ro]
2 Security sheet [pdf ro]


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