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Environmental services

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing products, processes and systems to treat environmental problems that occur accidentally or by as a result of the activity of companies in most sectors of industry and trade.

Our mission is to ensure an eco-firendly environment, a green planet, with low operational costs.

The solution offered by our company represents a range of ecological products, which can be used for:

  • depollution of soil and stagnant / flowing water through: absorption, retention, removal and then recovering oil spills
  • cleaning pits from acidic water residues and oil impurities
  • maintenance and cleaning of industrial platforms
  • bio removal and treatment of residues and waste resulting from industrial processes
  • bio treatment of soils infested with oil residues
  • compliance with environmental regulations


Used oil recovery activity

Collection, transportation and processing of waste oils, resulting from industrial and non-industrial operations.

We can collect and process waste oils falling in GD No 235/2007, Category I and II, as follows:

  • motor oils
  • hidraulic oils
  • industrial-use oils
  • transformer oils
  • turbine oils

Colectarea uleiurilor se realizeaza contractual, in deplina siguranta si in conditii economice avantajoase atat pentru clienti, cat si pentru furnizorii de uleiuri uzate.

Collecting waste oils is made contractually secure and in favorable economic conditions for both clients and waste oil providers.


ECO3 Package - The complete solution to eliminate accidental pollution and cleaning of pits from industrial waste

Combustibili lichizi

Absorption of oil substances from water[... product details]

Combustibili lichizi

Neutralizing acidic residual water[... product details]

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Product used for soil bio-treatment[... product details]


For eco-remedy of accidentally polluted areas and pits, we recommend using the complete package, conducted in 3 stages.

Each stage involves using products from the ECO product range successively at short intervals, respecting the order of the draft presented.

Etape de lucru
  1. Absorption of oil substances from polluted area with ECOSORB
  2. Neutralisation of acidic residual water with ECOPUR
  3. Soil bio-treatment with ECOSOL


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